About us

Welcome to the TESSEN universe.

An interesting fusion between the concepts “gastronomy and entertainment”, observed in some of the best venues around the world.

Attention to details, especially designed to provoke unique sensations each visit, denote our main objective: to promote a complete, exquisite and unique experience.

At the same time, the “concepts fusion” can be easily observed in our essence, the Contemporary Japanese Cuisine from our modern sushi bar, alongside strong influences from all over the world, from our international cuisine. The perfect encounter between one of the most traditional Eastern cuisine with the daring and vanguard of Western culinary. Definitely a gastronomic experience capable of impress and satisfying all tastes.


The Ambiences - perfect to different occasions


Specially designed to attend different occasions, TESSEN multiple ambiance areas were conceived to create the perfect atmosphere for each occasion; from a business lunch at the main Restaurant Area, a delightful afternoon brunch or dinner at the Rooftop Area, a drink at the Piano Bar, to the very best of House Music Djs at the Lounge Area.


The Brand - Tradition and History behind the name


A "Tessen" is an "Iron fan”. It is one of the types of Japanese war fans, designed for use in warfare. Several types of war fans were used by the samurai class of feudal Japan and each had a different look and purpose.

Following the name concept accordingly, TESSEN Restaurant Lounge is designed to perfectly attend different occasions, maintaining tradition and refinement in all of them.

“A Fan”, by definition, also means “open until the end”, which is one of our business premises about opening hours.

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Política de reservas e mesas:

- reservas limitadas (restante, destinado aos clientes por ordem de chegada)
- reservas somente até 13:30hs no período do almoço e até 20hs no jantar;
- 50% da reserva deverá estar presente para acomodação à mesa, ou aguardarão a chegada dos demais nas nossas áreas de espera;
- 15 minutos de tolerância sobre o horário; a reserva cairá automaticamente logo após, entrando na fila de espera por ordem de chegada.
- Em respeito aos demais clientes, a capacidade máxima de cada mesa deverá ser respeitada, não excedendo o número de cadeiras. Caso o número de convidados ultrapasse a quantidade da reserva, estarão sujeitos à disponibilidade e capacidade de outra mesa, respeitando a fila de espera;
- por questões de segurança entre outras, balões, bolos e adereços não são permitidos;
- Consulte sobre nossas opções de bolo e sobremesa de aniversário;
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Opening Hours

  Lunch Dinner
Monday 12h - 15h 19h - 23h
Tuesday 12h - 15h 19h - 23h
Wednesday 12h - 15h 19h - 00h
Thursday 12h - 15h 19h - 00h
Friday 12h - 15h 19h30 - 00h30
Saturday 12h30 - 16h30 19h30 - 00h30
Sunday closed closed


Check it out TESSEN’s full entertainment calendar, including Lounge area and Rooftop, at AGENDA.



R. Joaquim Floriano, 295
Itaim Bibi | São Paulo | SP | cep:04534-010
T. +55 11 2386-8203


Todo dia é dia de presentear quem você ama.